Kelley's Falls

The Kelley’s Falls Dam on the Piscataquog River in Manchester holds back Namaske Lake. The dam may have to be removed in the future over a federal requirement to accommodate migrating fish.

State officials are seeking a federal grant to cover the estimated $13.3 million cost of building a fish ladder and trucking system at Kelley’s Falls Dam in Manchester, avoiding having to dismantle the structure and easing concerns of homeowners living around the dam-created Namaske Lake.

The project would collect fish on a newly constructed fish ladder adjacent to the dam and truck them to Glen Lake in Goffstown, allowing two dams along the Piscataquog River to continue to run their hydropower operations and comply with federal requirements.

Goffstown mill

The Hadley Falls Dam on the Piscataquog River in the center of Goffstown may be removed in the coming years, sparking concern among upstream residents. The dam, built in 1920, has not generated hydroelectric power since 2007.